Review of A Magic Within by Sara V. Zook

A Magic Within by Sara V. Zook



This is a really great story. It’s well written with great character development. Riley has an accident and is cared for by Lydic. No one wants her there except Lydic and Riley’s new friend Muriel. As the gang embarks on a journey to try to get Riley home, danger lurks at every corner. Will Riley forever be stuck in this new world, or will Lydic succeed in getting her home? Looking for a second book in this series to see what happens next with this group! ~Review done by Chell


Normalcy. I need to get back to a state of normalcy. What’s happened to me? Why am I here in this orphanage, and why am I forbidden to leave? Everyone is so very cruel here. I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. It’s the paranoia getting to me. It’s like someone’s always watching, always listening. There’s a general fear around here, and for some reason, it seems fueled by my arrival, but why are they afraid of me? I didn’t ask for this. I don’t even know how I got here. I need to go home. My parents must be worried sick. There has to be someone here who can help me, who can give me answers and lead me in the right direction so I can get out of here. There is this one boy, Lydic. Could he be my key to getting out? I can see it in his eyes he feels sorry for me. He seems to know more than he’s letting on. These people aren’t like anyone I’ve ever met before.


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