First Sun by Tara Tolly 5 Star Review

When the bad boy son of the United States president sets his sights on Eden Warren, she is not impressed. The first son is dubbed “First Disaster” by the public for his questionable antics and Eden has no intention of becoming his latest conquest. What could this former playboy do to convince Eden that he has truly changed his ways, especially when she discovers he’s hiding a government-protected secret that could permanently alter the course of life on Earth?

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My Review


This is a great love story in the midst of an impending devastating event. With the end of the world only a couple months away, Andrew and Eden must face the options they have to save their love. But will love be enough in the end to save them or are they both part of a grander plan? Great job by Tara Tolly in writing a book that you will not want to put down. I can promise you will finish this book wanting more! Very well written with believable and lovable characters. -Chell

About Tara:


Tara Tolly lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with her husband and four children (two human and two canine) where she spends her days shaping the minds of impressionable fourth graders and her nights and summers shaping the lives of her make-believe characters.
She loves to escape the pressures of the real world by entering into the fictional worlds she creates within the depths of her imagination. When not immersed between the covers of a book (or in reality, the glow of her Nook screen) or typing away on her computer, she loves spending time with her family, running, and participating in other creative endeavors such as photography, crafting, and baking.
FIRST SUN is her first YA novel and is forthcoming in September 2014 by Fire & Ice YA.

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