The Indebted Series by Khai L. Bayne

Title: Indebted: A Sin from Ashes / Avarice: Sins of Sorrow and Lust
Author: Khai L. Bayne
Genre: Paranormal
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Indebted: A Sin from Ashes
clip_image004Theodore calls the last person in the world he knows will willingly help him; Artisyn, the beautiful seductress from his past. Her foul mouth and brazen attitude has always drawn him to her, but because of their tumultuous past and not so amicable parting he has to force her hand by calling in his claim on the vow she made to repay him. His past transgressions get called into action as he tries to right previous wrongs.
After two years of self-imposed exile, ex-special operative Artisyn Daniels receives a phone call from the last person in the world that she wants to hear from. Theodore Mezzanetti and he is summoning her to return.
Tensions run high as she is thrust in with a team of Theodore’s men, who are to help her assimilate back into the world of espionage, sex, and BDSM, to help find the person responsible for killing women in an abusive and sadistic manner. Her animosity towards the vampire runs deep, but she owes him, and he wants to collect. Her goal: Repay her debt, then cut all ties to her past life, once and for all. Will she be able to trust Theodore to keep his word?
Using her old friends, acquaintances, and newly acquired team of supernatural men, to try to track down the killer, they race against the clock to stop the person responsible for the deaths of so many woman, before he strikes again. Emotions run high, feelings develop, truths are revealed, and a dark secret comes to light.
Avarice: Sins of Sorrow and Lust
Avarice is not a standalone. It’s story intertwines with Indebted: A Sin from Ashes. To enjoy the full story and not be confused with the events and characters you’ll definitely want to read Indebted first.
This book intended for mature audiences only. There’s a LOT of F-bombs and a plethora of other colorful language, very intense sexual situations (pegging, mild CBT, and first time M/M with a demon and his tail.)
Artisyn and Theodore’s relationship has always been a tumultuous one. Even up until his untimely demise. You’ve already experienced the aftermath, but do you ever wonder what happened to put them at such odds with one another?
After one very intense encounter, Theodore is completely smitten by the woman whom he met at a bar one night. He doesn’t know her name, and after searching weeks to find her again to no avail, he is about to give up. As luck would have it, she finally turns up, but it is in the last place he would’ve ever expected to find her.
Artisyn agrees to help her longtime friend Nikolai Gribkov, the captain of the southeastern division of the Paranormal Investigative Taskforce, with some missions that require her brand of “Depraved Finesse”. As expected she has to prove herself to the men of the division. What she doesn’t expect is to run into the vampire playmate that she had a one night stand with weeks ago.
Start at the beginning of the journey and find out what really happened in the chain of events that led up to Artisyn being Indebted to Theodore.
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Indebted: A Sin from Ashes(Book 1, Indebted Series).
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About The Author
clip_image008Growing up in a small town Khai L. Bayne always had an over active imagination. The only girl in a family with two boys, many of her nights (and some days.) were spent finding creative ways to pass the time. The daughter of a long time “Trekkie” and “Sci-Fi Junkie”, you could say it was imbedded into her DNA to be a fan of the paranormal world. Now over three decades later, her depraved imagination and love for the world of “Grown-up make believe”. She has decided to share her depravity with the rest of the world.
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Indebted: A sin from ashes
If you don’t like to read about poly relationships that include same sex relations, violence, blood and sex (sometimes at the same time), this series isn’t for you. It contains extremely graphic content.
There is a tension between Artisyn and Theodore and you soon find out why, he quickly becomes the character that you love to hate… though there may be more to the story. Her anger and distrust are completely understandable, once you learn the history.
Artisyn is without a doubt the main character, she is awesome. Tough and sexy, she isn’t going to take anything off of anyone, unless she wants to. In no time at all she has all the men panting, be it from sparing or other, more interesting, activities.
It’s pretty obvious from early on in the story that she has a serious thing for superheros, I couldn’t help but wonder if she would end up finding her own hero before everything was said and done.

Artisyn’s initial meeting with her team explains the BDSM lifestyle for anyone who doesn’t fully understand it. Artisyn’s men, as I soon began thinking of them, are super sexy, protective and open minded… what more could you ask for?

A fantastic read, action packed -in more ways than one- and sexy, Indebted will keep you reading, dying to find out what happens next. Bayne is a great author, I can’t wait to read more of her books, especially the continuation of Artisyn’s story.

The only problem I had with the series was that the second book is actually a prequel and sequel, about halfway through it switches to present day and it took me a few pages to get back into the swing of things. Even so, I would recommend this series for anyone interested at all in BDSM, who doesn’t mind blood, violence and poly relationships that include same sex relations.

Avarice: Sins of Sorrow and Lust
Let me start off by saying that if you haven’t read Indebted, my review will contain a slight spoiler.
I love this series, I mean, I love it! I couldn’t hardly put it down, I’m constantly doing the “one more chapter and then I’ll go to sleep” thing but with this story it was more like “I only have a hundred pages left, I’ll finish it and then go to sleep”. That being said, I did have one problem with it, with this book of the series, it’s a prequel/sequel combo. About halfway through it switches to present day and it took me a few pages to get back into the swing of things. Even so, I would recommend this series for anyone interested at all in BDSM, who doesn’t mind blood, violence and poly relationships that include same sex relations.
I’m going to split this review in half, because for me, this was two books in one.

Avarice (prequel section):
Like any good prequel, Avarice fills in a lot of info for Indebted. In Indebted, we read about the problems between Artisyn and Theodore from her point of view, I think I speak for many readers out there when I say that I soon loved to hate him, thinking that his mistakes were intentional… which some were, but not all. Avarice tells their story more from his point of view and his character won me over slightly, though I do still have a part of me that dislikes him for the intentional things he did.
In this story, Artisyn is surrounded by men who are constantly putting her down and challenging her, if you’ve read Indebted, you know that’s not a good thing, but it makes for a fun read. I love that she’s such a strong, dominate lead. She kicks a$$ throughout all of the books, and it’s awesome.

Sins of sorrow and lust (sequel section):
Picks up the story not long after Artisyn left her men. However, they are still a part of the book. You’ll read about their struggle to track Artisyn as well as the relationships between the men growing. The energy and action from Indebted continues here, complete with the unexpected return of a character and the introduction of interesting new characters that I enjoyed getting to know.

One thing is for sure, this series will keep you hooked, each book has a cliff hanger ending that leads into the next perfectly. I was on the edge of my seat pretty much this entire story, I had no idea what was going to happen next and I loved it.

~Review by Jai~


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