Guest Post~~ Less Than Nothing by R.E. Blake

Less Than Nothing

AUTHOR BIO: R.E. Blake is the pseudonym of the USA Today bestselling author of over 30 novels, featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Times, and the Chicago Tribune.
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Sage’s life as a teenage runaway in San Francisco is simple: Snatch a few hours of sleep on park benches and bus stops; dodge perverts, predators, and cops; and make enough as a street musician to eat. But her world flips upside down when she meets Derek – hot, tattooed, and charming, a singer from Seattle whose looks and talent take her breath away.
What begins as a reluctant partnership quickly develops into a cross-country race against time – and awakens a hunger in Sage that’s unfamiliar and exciting.

As they travel from coast to coast, Sage and Derek pursue their dream, only to discover that they can never run far enough to escape the demons from their pasts.

Less Than Nothing is the breakout debut NA novel from USA Today bestseller R.E. Blake that critics are buzzing about and readers can’t put down.

MORE WORDS: I’ve always loved coming-of-age novels as well as road books. Some of my favorites have been novels that combine both elements – a main character who’s on the road, in difficult circumstances, and through the journey discovers important lessons about herself and the world around her.
Less Than Nothing is a romance, but it’s also an adventure, the story of two people growing into their own skins as their relationship develops. Love stories involving big changes, seismic shifts for the characters, sacrifices and compromises and difficult choices, are the ones I find the most satisfying as a reader. Less Than Nothing is that kind of book. I hope you enjoy it.



I really enjoyed this book. Sage and Derek are two young street kids who are fighting to find their way. Taking their street smarts and working as hard as they can with what little they have to make it to the big time. But there are so many things that life keeps throwing in their way, and of course no one is perfect. Sometimes you don’t get everything you want, and sometimes you get more than you bargained for. This story really shows you that if you put your mind to something, all things are possible. It reminds you of the things that you take for granted every single day. What you have that so many other would love to have just a small part of. I would recommend this one and I hope to see more from this author! ~Chell



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