Summer In Dallas by Diamond Davenport Blog Tour

Title: Summer in Dallas
Author: Diamond Davenport
Release Date: August 21st, 2014
Hosted By: Author Sandra Love
Cover Design: Big Bang Book Services
Blog Tour: September 16th-22nd
Summer is in Dallas, even though she doesn’t want to be.
But when she saw her grandparents for the first time in a long time, she
decided she might as well make the most of it and enjoy her time on the farm.
And the appearance of Barrett, the sexy farm hand who is doing whatever it
takes to keep one of the horses comfortable as she battles disease, definitely
makes the early mornings and long days worthwhile. But Barrett has a few
secrets hidden in the closet and Summer’s not sure if things will work out if
Barrett came open his heart and come clean. Plus, everyone around her warns her
away from him. But Summer can’t help the attraction she has toward the
gorgeous, mysterious cowboy

I had a little trouble getting into the story because of the teen angst, but the plot quickly won me over. Summer In Dallas is a good read.
Summer is an awkward teen at the beginning of the story, which I believe everyone can relate to. She has to decide between two former best friends.
Barrett has a complicated past, filled with pain and loss. He copes by forming a powerful bond with a sick horse.
Marshall seems like a nice guy, though he’s surrounded by lies.
This is a very emotional story. Love is just about all you think about when you’re 16, and it’s often the hardest thing to find, and the most painful. Summer makes mistakes that so many young girls make, and she’ll have to live with her decisions.
~Review by Jai


Dream Cast:
About the Author:
Diamond Davenport is new to the indie community. She is an
avid reader and writer. She enjoys reading romance novels, and erotica novels.
Her first book Summer in Dallas is a romance novel. In her spare time she likes
to cook, garden and hang out with her family. Her new hobby is to sit in front
of the computer and write. She has fallen in love with the fictional world!

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