Cover Reveal~~Heat by J.M. Walker

Release date: September 2014
He is my light. My
darkness. The heat that creeps along my bones.
He controls me.
Captivates me. Owns me.
He needs me just as
much as I need him.
He teaches me to love,
to want. To heal.
He breaks me down only
to make me whole.
He gives me a reason to
fight. To move on from the nightmare that was my past. The life before him.
He introduces me to a
world of trust, empowerment and pure utter submission.
He unleashes an
inferno, a raging fire inside of me that burns only for him.
He is Parker Reed.
When Keely Price is
hired at Reed Industries, she takes on more than just an assistant job. Having
to deal with Parker Reed’s unconventional lifestyle choices while also trying
to subdue her own demons, she looks to him for guidance and protection in a
world unlike her own.
Can they conquer their
own demons before they take control and break them apart forever?
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