Blog Tour~ Recognized Expert Status Exponential Marketing by Scott A. Gardner

Recognized Expert Status by Scott A. Gardner

Add a tool to your marketing that can leverage your efforts to exponential heights. This book introduces Recognized Expert Status, and the benefits it can bring you.

Inside you’ll learn about:

* Expert Proof Materials and why you need them
* Why you need an effective public relations plan
* The 5 main RecEx Principles
* The 7 action items for kickstarting your RecEx Status
* And more!


“Once you’ve defined your target market, you’ll use your marketing efforts to put yourself in front of them. Many people, however, don’t fit into neat categories. They often don’t do what others expect them to do, don’t consume the same media others with the same interests do. You want to put yourself and your business in places where you’ll be “tripped over” by people – places they don’t expect to find you. This will help you find and connect with the market outliers.


The field of public relations now includes outlets like social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc,), blogs, as well as traditional and new news media. There are companies large and small that will help put you and your company in front of the public. I won’t say you don’t need one of these experts to help you. You may. Regardless, you need to understand a bit about the process.


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