~~Q & A with Melissa Haag~~

Find out here what Melissa Haag had to say~


1. How did you know you wanted to be a writer?

Was it something that you have always wanted to do?
I didn’t know. I stumbled into it. My book addiction was getting crazy, and I was spending too much money (I hadn’t yet found all the free book feeds out there). So I started writing to entertain myself, figuring it would be cheaper. Then I shared the story with my daughter and sister in law. Since they liked it so much, I figured what the heck…and self-published it. Now, it’s four books later, and I still love writing.

2. What would you say is the hardest part of being an author?
Finding balance between my life and writing. I would write all the time if I could get away with it. But the kids like to be fed. 😉

3. Is there any authors that have inspired you, do you have a favorite author?
All authors inspire me, especially now that I better understand the writing process. It’s not the easy and glamorous career media can make it seem. Yet, it’s very fulfilling.

Authors I’ve read extensively include Stephen King, Christine Feehan, Lara Adrian…the list could go on forever.

4. If you could go any where in the world, where would you go and why?
I really want to travel the world in general…just to see. New culture, languages, foods, sights, I love it all. I’ve managed to visit Great Britain and Jamaica so far. Hopefully writing will open new doors of opportunity that I can explore.

5. Are you currently working on something new?

What can expect from you in the future?
I’m always working on something new. 😊 In the future, you can expect more in the Judgement Series and maybe even a new New Adult Paranormal Romance.

6. Who has been your biggest supporter?
I have a huge network of wonderful supporters. However, if I had to pick the one who supports me most, it would be my husband. He encouraged me to quit my day job and pursue writing as a fulltime career rather than a part-time hobby. The belief he has in me is humbling at times.

7. So far, which of your books has been your favorite to write?
I always think my current one is my favorite but whenever I go back and read something else I’ve written, I like that book all over again. So they are all tied.

8. Is there one of your characters that you are more attached too?
That would be like picking a favorite kid. I love them all. 😃

9. What do you like to do for fun? To relax?
Write. lol. I might need an intervention soon.

10. What has been your best experience as a writer?
This is a tough one. There have been so many great experiences. I love experiencing and learning new things, and for the last year and a half (since I first published), that’s all I’ve been doing. Connecting with readers is especially rewarding. It amazes me that so many have taken the time to leave a review, comment on my website, or email me. Each interaction means so much to me.

Thanks for having me!


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