Author Interview with Faith S. Lynn

faith s lynn

Meet Faith S. Lynn~~

Q. What is you life motto?

A. Never have regrets.

Q. What was the hardest part of becoming an author?
A. Trying to figure out what all that really accompanies being an author.
Q. What is your most memorable moment?
A. I have so many. From the day I got married to my best friend, to the day I welcomed my children into the world, down to hitting publish on my first book From Lies to Promises.
Q. Is there one place you would like to visit and why?
A. AUSTRALIA I have been obsessed with it since I did a report on it in 2nd grade.
Q. Who would you say is your favorite author?
A. I have several depending on what type of book. Tear jerker goes to Colleen Hoover & Molly McAdams. Paranormal goes to A.M. Hudson & Rebecca Ethington. Others are Jennifer Armentrout, Addison Moore, Amber Lynn Natusch, & Amy Bartol.
Q. What is the best and worst parts of being an author?
A. The best is my readers & the worst is promoting. LOL
Q. What do you do to relax?
A. Movie night with my family! We make a pallet in the floor and surround ourselves with bowls of candy and junk food, just to watch movies all night long.
Q. Do you have a WIP? What can we expect next from you?
A. I am working on a novella follow up to FLtP, Lexi’s story call From Scars to Stars and a top secret new book that I just will keep to myself for a while. 😉



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