Michelle Hart’s 4 Star Reviews for Unbreakable and Unbreakable 2: The Mystery of Lilly by Amie Nichols




What a beautifully written story! Kept me wanting more!

This is a great story of a young woman overcoming her past and becoming the person she always wanted to be. Of a young woman coming out of her “mother’s” shadow and prove herself. She is reintroduced to her childhood crush and they soon fall in love. But trouble lurks in the background. We still don’t know who the stalker is but Lilly has just been taken by him. I can’t wait to find out what happens next and to see how Lilly handles herself!

Unbreakable 2: The Mystery of Lilly

I give this book 4****

This book was a great ending to the story. However, the epilogue does leave you wondering if there will be another book! There were a few minor things that threw me off the story, but overall it grabbed me and held on! It was a great read. I laughed and I cried! I was rooting for Lilly and Luke the whole time and was glad that Lilly didn’t let anyone, even family, push her around! There were a few things I didn’t see coming and I loved it! I don’t mind being able to predict where the story will go, but I LOVE that it didn’t get there like I thought it would! The twists and turns are what made this a great story!



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