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Because You’re Worth It by Tricia Taylor!!!



What happens when everything in your life; every decision is questioned in one night by meeting one person? Do you run from it, or do you run to it?

My name is Meredith, and I chose to run to it. Meeting James one night while my husband was away was that moment for me. The moment when I questioned all the decisions I made in my life.  The moment I hung on to, through everything. We fell for each other hard.  When we ended, I was broken.  Not just from losing James but that same week my fairytale life crumbled.  Clark witnessed my self-destruction.  He helped me pick up the pieces of my broken and shattered life, build me back up and I became the woman I am today. I was doing so well until I randomly bumped into James. Everything I went through and accomplished during the previous thirteen months was tested.  One look at James was all it took for me to start breaking.  Because that one man had all the power; he held my heart.

My name is James, and I chose to run from it. Meeting Meredith when Steph and I were on a break changed me.  It changed my life.  But as quickly as she entered my life, I chose to disappear from hers with no word of why. I became tortured and sheltered. I was beginning to get back to my normal when I ran into Meredith in the park.  She’s the one woman I could never get out of my head; could never move on from. So then why did I walk away from her the way I did all those months ago? Survival. This woman owned me completely and way too quickly. She is the one woman who had the power to break me. I knew it from the first moment she smiled at me and my eyes locked with her beautiful green ones.

What happens when fate intervenes and brings these two shattered souls back together? Has too much happened in the last year, or can they overcome everything they have been through and finally get a shot at something real?


Release date: 6/23/14





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