DJ Larkin’s Vacant Hearts




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Suddenly the top of the sun shows brilliantly above the horizon, a fiery red ball of luminescence. It’s so beautiful it takes my breath away. I can feel Alexander sigh as he holds onto me.

“Good morning, Sapphira. Welcome to the new dawn. We are the first people in the United States to see the sunrise.”

As I gaze out over the ocean, tears fall from my eyes. They start off hot but cool quickly as they trace tracks down my face. I don’t think he realizes how much this means to me, how romantic this is. Paradoxically at a time I should be feeling happy and content for him bringing me out here, I feel sadness and longing. I feel stupid for feeling this way, when he’s trying to show me a little bit about what he’s about, but it makes me greedy for more. I want more, damn it. I want it all. I want more than anything for him to feel the same way about me as I do him. I want him to feel the love that I feel when he looks at me, when he touches me, when he kisses me.


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