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The remnants of the United States of America have been divided. From five enormous, technologically-advanced cities, the Greaters rule over the Lessers. In the Lesser village of Orchard, things are not as perfect as Abby Kelley thinks they are. When the apple harvest draws near and the Greater’s engineered fruits become too much for one village to handle alone, reinforcements from neighboring villages are called upon.

Having to choose between her best friend, whom she has no romantic feelings for, and mysterious newcomer Crew, Abby finds herself in the middle of a harvest that she had no intention of becoming a part of. She becomes involved in a situation that threatens the strict rule of the Greaters, and just might give the Lessers hope for a better tomorrow. But, can she help the Lessers without losing Crew? And if she chooses Crew, will she lose her best friend?


Something was touching my face, caressing my cheek. The skin that brushed mine was rough, hardened by the work we all share. Am I dreaming? I waited, trying to see if this was real or part of a dream. Whichever it was, it was nice, comforting.

Rough fingertips moved over the parts of my back that weren’t split open and packed with gunk. I sucked in a breath and held it. This was real. I moved my head and saw his silhouette against the candlelight flickering in from the kitchen and living room. “Ky?” My voice was raspy and barely sounded like my own. Sleep and exhaustion filled every chord.

“Shh. I’m here.” Suddenly, I was very aware that I was lying shirtless on my bed. Even though, I was on my stomach, that didn’t help me feel any less naked in front of my best friend, who happened to be a member of the male species—a very fine male specimen according to my girlfriends.

I knew he was handsome. I wasn’t blind. But, I didn’t see him like that. He’d dated many of my friends and now was getting ready to marry Paige Winters in just a few weeks, after the harvest was complete and the orchards picked bare. His fingertips trace the in-tact skin between my shoulder blades and I tensed under his touch.

He’d kissed my head and temple and hugged me more times than I can count, but this was somehow different. This was more intimate. His touch was delicate, gentle compared to his normal strength and anything but playful. “Ky?”

He didn’t answer. His fingers explored my back, careful not to stray too close to the wounds that streaked across my skin. “Kyan?”

“Shut up, Abby. Just let me… Just shut up.” He’d never talked to me like this. His voice was raspy and he’d never, ever told me to shut up before. So I did. I wasn’t sure why. He shouldn’t have been touching my skin. Shouldn’t have been caressing the good parts left of me, but sitting with me in the dark, he was doing exactly that and I was allowing it.

Paige would be furious if she saw us now. She’d always had a jealous streak, had always hated any girl who dated or flirted with Ky. Lately, she told anyone and everyone who will listen that Kyan was hers and that she hated me with a passion. She wasn’t lying. She hated me. Rather, she hated my relationship with Ky. He was my best friend. I wasn’t interested in him as anything more or anything else. I’d told her that. He’d told her that a million times. But, she refused to listen, adamant that I wanted him for myself, adamant that he wanted me.

I honestly didn’t have those types of feelings for Kyan. I never have had them. Ever. And up until now, I’d always thought he felt the same. But feeling his fingers exploring my skin made even me question that sentiment. And it scared me to death.



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Other Books by Casey L. Bond: Winter Shadows, Devil Creek, Pariah (Releasing 5.13.14), Shady Bay (May 2014) and Resist, Book 2 of The Harvest Saga (Late Summer 2014).

About the Author:

Casey resides in Milton, West Virginia with her husband (high-school sweetheart and love of her life) and two beautiful daughters. She loves God, her awesome family, her crazy friends, writing and reading! Her favorite color is teal! Casey is a wanna-be Italian and loves all Italian food. She loves the fall, but a piece of her heart is always at the ocean. She loves the beauty and majesty of the hills and mountains of her home state of West Virginia. Marshall University is her alma mater, and if you cut her, she will bleed Kelly Green!!! Go Herd!!! She graduated Magna Cum Laude from MU in 2003 with a B.A. in Criminal Justice, Legal Studies. Casey attended Hurricane High School and lives only six miles from her home town. Her family has one cat and one hermit crab. She loves flowers, but has a notoriously brown thumb. She attends Church regularly and enjoys her friends and family there as well. Please follow her on FB, Twitter @authorcaseybond, on and on Pinterest! She has made a board dedicated to the awesomeness of Winter Shadows!



Interview Questions:

Can you tell us about your book, Reap, in 15 words or less? An intense dystopian read with tension and an impossible romance sprinkled in!

What was your favorite scene to write? It was the very last scene with Kyan. It sets up the sequel perfectly and I hope leaves readers screaming, “I have to have the next book NOW!”

Do you have a favorite quote from Reap? I have several, but this is probably my favorite. “Think about it. The present is a myth. It’s just what we try to call the split second that our past collides with our future.” ~Gray

If you could cast any of the characters who would you choose?

Abby Kelley would be played by Ruth Bradley. (She plays Beauty on the CW’s Beauty & the Beast)

Zac Efron for Crew.

Armie Hammer for Kyan.

Aubrey Plaza for Paige.

Nicholas Hoult for Gray.

Bree Larson for Laney.

Those would be my my dream cast members! ❤

Did any music inspire you while writing Reap? Music almost always always inspires my writing. I was listening to The Civil Wars and Imagine Dragons. “Night Train” by Jason Aldean inspired one scene, as did “Stupid Boy,” by Keith Urban.

How many books will be in this series? The plan at this point is three. I’m about seven chapters into writing book two and am wondering if there might not end up being four. I have so much to say. SO much is going to happen in this series.

Are you currently working on anything else? My YA Fantasy, Pariah, releases on May 13, 2014. I’m not actively writing it, but am brainstorming plot ideas. I’m so excited to share that book with the world, too!

What is the best book you’ve read recently? Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan.

What is currently in your TBR pile? Take a Gamble by Rachael Brownell, both of Casey Peeler’s books and Sparrows for Free by Lila Felix. Oh, and Magic Unfolds by N.L. Greene! I loved Illusions Begin, the first book in that series and can’t wait to read book two.

I want to read Tahera Mafi’s series and Maze Runner but will wait until I’m finished writing Resist. I don’t like to read from the same genre of my work in progress. Just a personal thing.

Guest Post Topics:

ten things you didn’t know about Casey L. Bond

1. I’m a Taurus! LOL. Thirty-two for now.

2. My favorite color is teal.

3. I have a slight obsession with jewelry and lip gloss.

4. Strawberries are my absolute favorite food, followed closely by anything italian and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

5. I love the ocean, but live in West Virginia.

6. I’m a picture fanatic and am always snapping photos of my kids and anything and everything that will hold still for me.

7. I am extremely forgetful, so I write everything down. Lists, notes, you name it. They’re everywhere!

8. I bleed green. Seriously. I love Marshall University.

9. I am an amazing mermaid dancer. If you’ve never seen Pitch Perfect, shame on you. Go now! LOL!

10. I hate even numbers for some reason. Maybe because I’m odd! 🙂

Favorite quotes from Reap

“Think about it. The present is a myth. It’s just what we try to call the split second that our past collides with our future.” ~Gray

“You have every reason to doubt me, but do not doubt me when I say sincerely that I love you, Abby Blue. I’ve loved you since I first saw you. And for me, you will always be my forever.”

behind the scenes of Reap

I’m an incredibly visual person and a Pinterest addict, so I’d love to invite you to check out Reap’s Pinterest board!

I listen to a lot of music, as you know, and was inspired by a lot of things. I had the general idea for the plot and sat and let my characters lead the way. Also, a team of amazing beta-readers gave me insight and ideas to deepen the plot and characters and make the tension sizzle. I hope that you love the book as much as I do.

Author’s choice: How about a small snippet! This is a scene where Abby is in the Greater City. A young guard has been assigned to basically watch her every move. Let’s check it out!

Guard was perched on one of the stone steps, his mouth open as if he was about to say something, but no sound ever came out.

I stepped forward and began down the staircase, holding onto the stone walls for support. Heels weren’t something I was used to at all. They’d never been practical in the village. My feet teetered dangerously as I made my way to guard.

His gun was slung across his shoulders by the wide black strap. He gripped it for dear life. “Is everything okay?” I paused, looking at how he held his weapon.

“What? Oh, yeah.” He relaxed and released the gun, which fell to his side and collided with the wall behind him. “Do you need a hand?” He extended his hand to me and I took it, thankful to have something else to steady me. His sunset eyes watched me until I stepped onto the stair just above the one he was standing on.


“What?” He asked.

“The ring around your eyes. It’s not very pronounced like the others I’ve seen. It’s barely visible.”

He shifted on his feet and looked away and then back up to me. “Some rings are larger than others.”

I laughed out loud. “Do you have ring envy?”

“No.” He grumped. “I do not have ring envy, as you put it.” A lazy smirk surfaced, his smile lopsided and ornery. “Besides, the size of a man’s ring has nothing to do with the size of his—”

“Guard! Take me to dinner. Now!”

He chuckled. “Let’s go, Princess.”

“Stop calling me that.”

He laughed again.

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