Excerpt from Picture Me Naked by Lisa A. Olech

“Artists, let me introduce Mr. Jagger Jones.

He’ll be with us for the next several weeks. Make him

feel welcome, shall we? Let’s not frighten him off on

his first day.” Did Madeline just giggle? “Jagger, there

is a men’s room down the hall, third door on the right.

You can change down there.” She tipped her hand and

checked her oversized watch. “We appear to be running

a bit behind schedule this morning, so if you’d like to

get us started, I think we’re ready for you.”

“Won’t be needin’ the men’s room, Maddie,

darlin’. Can be naked in a blink of your lovely baby

blues.” Jagger smiled at Madeline, dropped a beaten

canvas book bag near the model stage and kicked off

his sandals.

Zee glanced at Leah. She was practically drooling.

“Yummy. Don’t you just love his accent?” Leah

whispered. “And what a cool name.”

“Charming,” Zee muttered, trying to shut out the

Australian lilt. She resharpened and organized her

already sharpened, organized pencils. Next to her, she

heard Leah gasp and exclaim under her breath,


Zee looked back at the model’s dais. Oh… my…

Mr. Jagger Jones may or may not be arrogant, but he

was a beautiful example of the male form. His tall

frame made his physique long and lean, yet his muscles

were chiseled and well defined. She only had a view of

his backside but it was one of the finest backsides Zee

had ever seen.

And then Jagger Jones turned around.


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